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Prepared by the Faculty and consultants of the
Institute of Children’s Literature

This test and evaluation will give you important
information about your potential as a children
writer at no cost or obligation to you.


To help us spot potential authors, we’ve developed this revealing test for writing aptitude. It’s free, and we don’t charge for our evaluation. But unlike courses that accept all applicants, no one can enroll in Writing for Children and Teenagers without passing this test.

Those who pass receive our promise:

By the time you finish our course, you will complete at least one manuscript suitable for submission to an editor or publisher; we’ll show you how to sell your work to them; and we’ll teach you how to continue on your own as a freelance writer.


If we accept you for enrollment, regardless of your beginning level

You will complete a character study, a descriptive sketch, professional query letters to editors, five story or article manuscripts, and the opening chapters of a bookall by the time you graduate.

The advantages of

aptitude testing

Your test results tell us much more than whether or not you’re ready for our course. They also help your instructor to determine the right level at which to begin your training.

As you progress, your needs and goals will probably change; as they do, your instructor’s teaching plan for you will change, too. Your instructor’s prime objective is to help you achieve your writing goals.

Before you begin, please read the test from beginning to end. Allow yourself plenty of time, then relax and enjoy this interesting challenge. Just give us your natural responses.

Two important functions

This test performs two very important functions:


It distinguishes between those who do and those who do not have the potential, in our opinion, to learn how to write publishable material for children and teenagers.


Since we promise every person accepted for enrollment that he or she will complete at least one manuscript suitable to submit to an editor or a publisher by the time he or she graduates, we must be certain that those we accept have the necessary potential to achieve this goal.


2. The successful applicant’s level of performance in this test also reveals skills and strengths, as well as weaknesses, that the instructor will take into account in developing his or her individual teaching plan. Quite naturally, there are differences in age and life experience, education, access to children and teenagers, reading and writing levels, and other factors among those who are accepted for enrollment.

Our course is designed to deal with individual differences through its one-on-one method of instruction.


Our Guarantee

If you pass this test and decide to enroll, we will dedicate ourselves to your satisfaction, and you will receive our guarantee:

If you are not satisfied that you’ve become a better writer and learned how to market your writing to publishers by the time you’ve completed our course, you can obtain a full refund.


You are under no obligation

Remember, you are not now under any obligation for having requested this test, nor will you be under any obligation when you return it to us for review. It is a free service. Your test will be read by professional evaluators and treated with respect and in confidence.

The test is designed to be enjoyable-to give you the chance to experiment with words and ideas and to exercise your writing ability. Relax and write in pen or pencil at a comfortable pace, or use a typewriter or computer. There are no right or wrong answers. We’re looking for the way you express yourself naturally.


Important Notice

Thank you for your interest in our writing program.
We are pleased to announce that we will begin accepting
new students in late summer, 2015. Please fill out the form
below and we will notify you when enrollment re-opens.
In the meantime, we wish you well in your writing.




Approved by the Connecticut Commissioner of Higher Education and recommended for college credits by the Connecticut Board for State Academic Awards.



93 Long Ridge Road, West Redding, CT 06896

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