Do You Have the Aptitude
Write for Children?

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If you qualify for our course, we offer you the best one-on-one writing and marketing instruction you can get—and the best chance to see your writing published.

If you demonstrate real aptitude and decide to enroll in Writing for Children and Teenagers, the insights, skills, and techniques youll acquire in taking this combined fiction/nonfiction course will repay you every time you put words on paper.

The ability to write well is an achievement that will give you great satisfaction. To be able to set down the right words in the right sequence so that your writing mirrors your thoughts and feelings, and engages the readerwhat an accomplishment!

As you progress in building your skills, your watchful instructor sees every step you take. Your progress earns praise, and when you slip, he or she is there to put you back on your path.

Then, finally, youll be ready to test your skills with an editor or publisher. It may take a series of attempts and unflagging determination to win that long-sought letter of acceptance, but when you do, you can say with pride, Now Im a writer!

Next step—see if you qualify
Your next step is to complete your Aptitude Test for Children
’s Writing. It will be expertly evaluated by our professional staff at no cost to you. Your results will tell both of us whether or not youre ready for Writing for Children and Teenagers—and if you are ready, theyll tell us at what skill level to begin your training.

Full details concerning cost and enrollment will be emailed to you, if you qualify, and you may then enroll—but thats entirely up to you. There is no obligation.

Good luck!

Pamela Kelly,
Director of Instruction


Writing Aptitude Test

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